Avalokitesvara Natural Handmade Bodhi Leaf Incense- 19 Sticks

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Step into the realm of boundless compassion and mercy with the Avalokitesvara Bodhi Leaf Incense Stick. Avalokitesvara, known as the Bodhisattva of Compassion, is often represented with the Bodhi leaf, symbolizing enlightenment and spiritual awakening. This incense embodies that divine synergy, radiating an aroma that infuses the surroundings with feelings of love, mercy, and profound spiritual insight.

Key Features:

Embodiment of Compassion: Inspired by Avalokitesvara's limitless compassion and the significance of the Bodhi leaf, this incense serves as a bridge to divine love, mercy, and spiritual enlightenment.

Crafted with Devotion: Respecting the profound nature of Avalokitesvara and the Bodhi leaf, each stick is crafted with meticulous attention, ensuring an authentic fragrance devoid of synthetic elements.


  • Burning Duration: Experience a continuous aromatic journey for approximately 80 minutes with each stick.
  • Dimensions: Each incense stick is crafted to a length of 21 cm.
  • Quantity: Enclosed within the packaging, you'll find 19 delicately crafted incense sticks.
  • Daily Ambiance: Perfect for creating a daily aromatic atmosphere that resonates with compassion, enlightenment, and spiritual connection.

Specific Uses:

Spiritual Enlightenment: Enhance your meditation sessions, prayers, or spiritual practices, connecting deeper with the essence of compassion and the path of enlightenment.

Sanctuary of Love: The serene fragrance creates an ambiance of love, understanding, and kindness, making it suitable for spaces of healing, reflection, and relaxation.

Eco-conscious Packaging: Our eco-centric approach ensures packaging that aligns with principles of sustainability, showcasing our commitment to the environment.

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Reconnect with boundless compassion and the path to enlightenment with the Avalokitesvara Bodhi Leaf Incense Stick. Let its serene fragrance envelop your spirit, guiding you towards a realm of love, mercy, and profound spiritual awakening.