Tibetan Mantra Lapis lazuli Stone Japa Mala With Endless Knot

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Introducing the Tibetan Mantra Lapis Lazuli Stone Japa Mala With Endless Knot, a sacred and empowering tool for your mantra recitation and meditation practice. This handcrafted mala features genuine Lapis Lazuli beads, each carrying the energy of wisdom, inner truth, and spiritual enlightenment.

The beads of this Japa Mala are made from Lapis Lazuli, a deep blue stone often associated with spiritual and metaphysical properties. Lapis Lazuli has been revered for centuries for its ability to awaken inner wisdom, enhance intuition, and promote self-expression.

The Tibetan Mantra Lapis Lazuli Stone Japa Mala With Endless Knot is adorned with an Endless Knot charm, a powerful symbol in Tibetan Buddhism representing the interconnection of all things and the eternal flow of energy. This charm serves as a reminder of the infinite nature of our existence and the boundless potential for spiritual growth.

The Endless, also known as the Eternity Knot, is one of Buddhism's "Eight Auspicious Symbols." … The Endless Knot's heavenly importance lies in its representation of the relationship between one's spiritual journey, the passage of time, and the ever-present Buddha self, also known as the divine everlasting consciousness.

 Comprising 108 beads, this mala embodies the sacred number in spiritual traditions, allowing for mantra repetition and deep contemplation. Each Lapis Lazuli bead is carefully hand-knotted, creating a beautiful and durable mala that can withstand daily use and facilitate a smooth counting of your mantras.

As you hold each bead of the Tibetan Mantra Lapis Lazuli Stone Japa Mala, you connect with the deep blue hues and energetic properties of Lapis Lazuli. The calming and harmonizing vibrations of the stone support your spiritual journey, encouraging clarity of thought, inner peace, and a connection to higher realms of consciousness.

The Tibetan Mantra Lapis Lazuli Stone Japa Mala With Endless Knot is not only a tool for mantra recitation but also a symbol of your commitment to spiritual growth and self-discovery. Wear it as a sacred accessory to carry the energy of wisdom and enlightenment throughout your day.

Experience the transformative power of the Tibetan Mantra Lapis Lazuli Stone Japa Mala With Endless Knot as it enhances your mantra practice, deepens your connection to the divine, and guides you on a path of spiritual awakening. Embrace the beauty and spiritual significance of this mala, and let it support you in your journey towards inner truth and enlightenment.

Additional Information


120 g


10 × 5 × 10 cm


Tibetan Mantra

Knot Type


  • Materials: Lapis lazuli stone & White metal (Mantra bead & endless knot)
  • Size of beads: 8 mm (Lapis) & 10 mm (Guru bead)
  • Length of mala: 21 inches
  • The number of beads: 108
  • Tibetan mantra” om mane Padme hum” mantra is carved
  • Thread is blue in color with a fixed knot
  • Handmade in Nepal.