Tibetan Mantra Lapis lazuli Stone Japa Mala With Endless Knot

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It is thought that lapis stone has a high level of intensity and may open multiple chakra centers. According to legend, the stone enhances psychic skills. It supposedly gets rid of bad feelings. It is supposed to treat sadness and some forms of fever and to soothe sore throat discomfort. It boosts inner strength and love. It is a beneficial stone for cherished friendship as well. Buddhists commonly utilize prayer malas or beads for meditation, counting mantras, and prostration, particularly in Tibet, Nepal, and India.
When it comes to direct healing, white metal falls short of gemstones in strength, yet it is regarded as the most potent conductor and amplifier. White metal has the advantage of working with all crystals, gemstones, and other metals like copper. and actually strengthens their inherent skills. Because healing works best when it's near to the skin, this makes it perfect for use with jewelry.
The Endless, also known as the Eternity Knot, is one of Buddhism's "Eight Auspicious Symbols." … The Endless Knot's heavenly importance lies in its representation of the relationship between one's spiritual journey, the passage of time, and the ever-present Buddha self, also known as the divine everlasting consciousness.
Om is a spiritual symbol and a holy sound in Hinduism. Additionally, it is a mantra in Sikhism, Jainism, Buddhism, and Hinduism. One of the most significant spiritual symbols is om. Atman (the soul, one's inner self) and Brahman are mentioned (ultimate reality, the entirety of the universe, truth, divine, supreme spirit, cosmic principles, knowledge).

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120 g


10 × 5 × 10 cm


Tibetan Mantra

Knot Type


  • Materials: Lapis lazuli stone & White metal (Mantra bead & endless knot)
  • Size of beads: 8 mm (Lapis) & 10 mm (Guru bead)
  • Length of mala: 21 inches
  • The number of beads: 108
  • Tibetan mantra” om mane Padme hum” mantra is carved
  • Thread is blue in color with a fixed knot
  • Handmade in Nepal.