Tibetan Dragon Tingsha: Ancient Sound for Modern Meditation

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History of Tingsha

Tingsha were crafted by skilled Tibetan craftsmen who had an eye and an ear for finesse and precision. Tingsha is just two tiny cymbals made out of metal that is strung together with a leather cord. They have a diameter of 3" to 4" and emit a nice, musical ringing when struck. In the West, tingsha (or "meditation bells") are commonly used to signal the beginning and finish of a yoga or meditation session. The tingsha sound is thought to attract non-human entities that will benefit from these particular forms of compassion practice, and its use has its roots in Tibetan Buddhism, where it is played during certain rituals.  A larger tingsha will produce a sustained, low-pitched sound. The music produced by smaller ones is purer and more ethereal. There may be a tiny difference in pitch between the two Tibetan prayer bells, but the tones were deliberately designed to be complementary. In a high-quality set of handcrafted tingsha cymbals, each disk produces a sound that is nearly identical to the others.

Materials used in Tingsha

The Tingsha cymbals are generally made of copper metal alloys such as bronze or brass. These metals provide harmonic high-pitch lingering sounds when clapped together. They are used in the Tibetan religion in prayers, rituals, meditation, and healing. 

Use of Tingsha 

Tingsha are utilized for meditation, music, and sound healing alongside singing bowls and other instruments. It has strong sound penetration and can be used for dry sound therapy. It is also very suitable for indoor decoration and collection.  It is basically used for meditation and Yoga, including promoting a state of deep relaxation and muscle regeneration. 

How to use it?

Unlike other Tibetan products associated with music and sound, Tingsha is very easy to use. Even children can easily play with them. They are played by hitting the two edges together and then allowing them to move apart from each other so that the tone can resonate throughout the room. The sound that comes from these bells is a high-pitched cleansing sound and vibration. 

Color        Bronze

Brand       Huge Bazaar LLC

Material   Tin, Copper, Silver, Gold, Zinc, Lead, and Iron

Weight      8.11 Ounces

Size            2.6*0.78