Natural Handmade Chakra Third Eye Rose Incense -15 Sticks

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Delve into the depths of intuition, insight, and inner wisdom with the Chakra Third Eye Rose Incense Stick. The third eye chakra, or Ajna, is the center of intuition, foresight, and spiritual insight. Rose, known for its rich, floral, and heartwarming aroma, aligns beautifully with the intuitive and visionary energies of the third eye. This thoughtfully curated ensemble presents 15 exquisitely crafted sticks, each releasing the deeply soothing and meditative scent of Rose for approximately 45 minutes, cultivating an atmosphere of inner clarity, vision, and intuitive understanding.

Key Features:

Intuitive Awakening: Empowered by the essence of Rose, this incense enhances meditation focusing on the third eye chakra, fostering intuition, clarity, and spiritual vision.

Visionary Meditation: Ensuring a harmonious aromatic experience, each stick provides a 45-minute journey into realms of insight, foresight, and deep understanding.

Pure Crafting: Honoring the profound nature of the third eye chakra and the spiritual depth of Rose, each stick emanates pure fragrance, untouched by any synthetic additives.

Specific Uses:

Chakra Activation: Ideal for practices centered on stimulating or balancing the third eye chakra, facilitating spiritual insights and enhancing intuitive abilities.

Reflective Ambiance: Its tranquil aroma is perfect for introspective moments, journaling, or any reflective activity that seeks deep inner understanding.

Soothing Retreat: Beyond its spiritual significance, the scent of Rose is renowned for inducing feelings of comfort, love, and emotional healing, making it apt for relaxation.

Eco-conscious Packaging: Mirroring a commitment to holistic well-being and environmental preservation, our packaging underlines the principles of sustainability and harmony with nature.

We offer a diverse selection of incense tailored to your preferences:
1. Chakra Incense - Sacral Navel (Enhances Creativity)
2. Chakra Incense - Root (Promotes Innocence)
3. Chakra Incense - Crown (Fosters Integration)
4. Chakra Incense - Third Eye (Encourages Forgiveness)
5. Chakra Incense - Solar Plexus (Brings Peace)
6. Chakra Incense - Heart (Inspires Love and Compassion)
7. Chakra Incense - Throat (Boosts Collectivity)

Specifications for a Single Packet:
- Incense sticks per packet: 15
- Stick length: 8 inches
- Weight: 20 grams

Please Note: The depicted product image is for reference. Subtle variations in the actual product might appear due to design refinements or batch differences. For detailed and updated specifics, always refer to the product description.

Journey within, guided by the ethereal fragrance of the Chakra Third Eye Rose Incense Stick. Allow its aromatic notes to open pathways of intuition, insight, and deep spiritual connection.