Seven Chakra Matte Onyx Stone Mala

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Introducing the Seven Chakra Matte Onyx Stone Mala, a powerful and grounding tool for your mantra recitation and spiritual practice. This meticulously handcrafted mala combines the protective energy of Matte Onyx stones with the balancing properties of the seven chakras.

Wheel is the translation of chakra. There are seven different energy centers in your body called chakras, which extend from the top of your head to the base of your spine. They control every aspect of your body's system, affecting everything from resistance to emotional processing. The chakras are often opened and kept in harmony using 7 chakras meditation techniques. Your physical and mental health may be badly impacted if they become obstructed or out of sync.

 The beads of this mala are made from genuine Matte Onyx stones, known for their deep black color and smooth, matte finish. Matte Onyx is a stone of strength and grounding, offering protection against negativity and promoting inner stability and resilience.

Each bead of the Seven Chakra Matte Onyx Stone Mala is carefully chosen to represent the seven major chakras in the body. From the vibrant red of the Root Chakra to the serene violet of the Crown Chakra, the beads create a harmonious flow of energy, supporting the balance and alignment of your chakra system.

Comprising 108 beads, this mala embodies the sacred number in spiritual traditions, allowing for mantra repetition and deep contemplation. Each Matte Onyx stone bead is carefully hand-knotted, ensuring durability and ease of use during your mantra recitation.

As you hold each bead of the Seven Chakra Matte Onyx Stone Mala, you connect with the protective and grounding energy of Matte Onyx and the transformative power of the chakras. The smooth texture of the beads provides a comforting tactile experience, enhancing your focus and helping you enter a state of deep meditation and spiritual connection.

The Seven Chakra Matte Onyx Stone Mala is not only a tool for mantra recitation but also a beautiful accessory that reflects your journey of chakra healing and spiritual growth. Wear it as a symbol of your intention to balance and align your energy centers and to ground yourself in your daily life.

Experience the transformative energy of the Seven Chakra Matte Onyx Stone Mala as it enhances your Japa practice, promotes chakra balancing, and fosters a deeper connection to your inner self and the divine energies. Embrace the beauty and spiritual significance of this mala, and let it guide you on a path of grounding, protection, and spiritual growth.

Additional Information


85 g


10 × 5 × 10 cm



Knot Type


  • Materials: stone (Matte onyx, Turquoise, Crystal, Tiger Eye, Lapis lazuli, Rose quartz, Carnelian)
  • Size of beads: 8 mm each
  • The number of beads: 108
  • The mala is around 19 inches long from top to bottom
  • Seven chakra stones are used as spacer beads
  • Thread is black in color with an adjustable knot knot
  • Handmade in Nepal.