Raktu Seed Prayer Mala

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Raktu seeds, sometimes referred to as "Bodhi seed's brother," are a preferred option for religious and meditation accessories. These tiny, lightweight seeds are ideal for prolonged meditation. Additionally, Raktu seeds are renowned for helping the wearer gain greater understanding and clarity while also receiving the blessings of Lord Buddha.
Raktu seed Japa Mala benefits
You can improve your cognition, mental clarity, and capacity for getting insight by donning a Raktu seed Japa Mala. Additionally, these Japa mala are ideal for lengthy meditation periods due to their lightweight design. This Buddhist bead necklace can help you identify where bad energy is present in your house even when it is not being worn.

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38 g


10 × 5 × 10 cm


Mala Beads

Knot Type


  • Materials: Raktu seed, Carnelian stone, white metal (rings)
  • Bead Size: 6 mm (Raktu) & 8 mm (carnelian)
  • Bead Number: 108 (Raktu) & 4 (Carnelian)
  • Carnelian stone is used as  spacer beads
  • Red string with fixed knot
  • Handmade in Nepal.