Palm Wood Japa Mala

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By addressing hip and spine issues, palm wood is supposed to assist in regaining physical vitality. It has a tendency to make bones stronger as well. Although a living tree, when it becomes a fossil, the minerals that replaced it is biological parts take on the characteristics of the minerals as well. It encourages the feeling of well-being and is renowned for its very grounding characteristics. A wonderful meditation stone, it aids the wearer in identifying the good and bad opportunities in life. It supports the enterprise that is regarded as a cornerstone of success.

The Carnelian Stone is often referred to as a stone of courage, leadership, and perseverance.

It inspires originality. It also inspires. promotes vigor, bravery, and ethical decision-making. Additionally, it improves focus, aids in overcoming abuse, heals depression, and banishes emotional negativity. In addition, this stone is thought to improve passion and compassion while stimulating libido and boosting conception.

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45 g


10 × 5 × 10 cm


Mala Beads

Knot Type


This Palm Wood Mala is lovely made of 108 beads

It is finished with a 10 mm guru bead & a sliding knot

The beads measure 8 mm that makes the user easy for counting

The Mala measures around 20 inches long

The  Carnelian stone beads are used on the mala because they express great power and strength.

The nylon string is brown in color

Handmade in Nepal.