Natural Handmade Chakra Navel Sandalwood Incense -15 Sticks

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Tap into your core power and creativity with the Chakra Navel Sandalwood Incense Stick. The navel chakra, or Svadhishthana, represents our center of passion, creativity, and pleasure. Sandalwood, renowned for its soft, woody, and soothing aroma, harmonizes beautifully with the navel chakra's energies of vitality and sensuality. In this refined ensemble, you will find 15 skillfully crafted sticks, each diffusing the calming and grounding scent of Sandalwood for approximately 45 minutes, instilling an atmosphere of warmth, creativity, and emotional balance.

Key Features:

Centering Essence: Infused with the timeless aroma of Sandalwood, this incense supports the balancing and awakening of the navel chakra, enhancing feelings of passion, pleasure, and inner balance.

Creativity Catalyst: Perfectly crafted for a harmonious aromatic experience, each stick ensures a 45-minute journey into realms of creativity, passion, and self-awareness.

Pure Crafting: Reflecting the vibrant nature of the navel chakra and the calming essence of Sandalwood, each stick is a testament to purity and authenticity, free from synthetic additions.

Specific Uses:

Chakra Energizing: Optimal for practices concentrating on igniting or harmonizing the navel chakra, invigorating feelings of joy, creativity, and emotional equilibrium.

Inspiring Ambiance: Its tranquil and grounding aroma makes it ideal for settings that seek inspiration, whether it be artistic endeavors, brainstorming sessions, or simply moments of introspection.

Relaxing Retreat: Sandalwood's renowned calming properties make it perfect for winding down, fostering a sense of peace, warmth, and inner tranquility.

Eco-conscious Packaging: In harmony with principles of sustainability and reverence for our environment, our packaging promotes eco-friendly practices and environmental mindfulness.

We offer a diverse selection of incense tailored to your preferences:
1. Chakra Incense - Sacral Navel (Enhances Creativity)
2. Chakra Incense - Root (Promotes Innocence)
3. Chakra Incense - Crown (Fosters Integration)
4. Chakra Incense - Third Eye (Encourages Forgiveness)
5. Chakra Incense - Solar Plexus (Brings Peace)
6. Chakra Incense - Heart (Inspires Love and Compassion)
7. Chakra Incense - Throat (Boosts Collectivity)

Specifications for a Single Packet:
- Incense sticks per packet: 15
- Stick length: 8 inches
- Weight: 20 grams

Please Note: The depicted product image is for visualization purposes. There might be slight differences in the actual product due to design adjustments or batch discrepancies. For comprehensive and current details, always refer to the product description and specifics.

Dive deep into the wellspring of your creativity and passion with the Chakra Navel Sandalwood Incense Stick. Allow its serene and grounding aroma to nurture your senses, sparking creativity, balance, and a profound connection to your emotional core.