Natural One Eye Nepali Bodhi Seed Japa Mala With Tibetan Mantra Spacer

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Introducing the Natural One Eye Nepali Bodhi Seed Japa Mala with Tibetan Mantra Spacer, a sacred tool crafted from authentic Bodhi seeds sourced from Nepal and adorned with a Tibetan mantra spacer. This meticulously handcrafted mala combines the spiritual significance of Bodhi seeds with the power of Tibetan mantras, creating a harmonious tool for your Japa meditation practice.

The beads of this Japa mala are made from genuine Bodhi seeds, which hold deep symbolism in Buddhism as the tree under which Buddha attained enlightenment. Each Bodhi seed is meticulously hand-carved and polished, resulting in a smooth and comfortable texture that allows for effortless mantra repetition.

Enhancing the beauty and functionality of this mala is the Tibetan mantra spacer. The spacer is intricately engraved with a sacred Tibetan mantra, known for its powerful vibrations and ability to deepen spiritual connections. The presence of the mantra spacer not only adds visual appeal but also serves as a reminder of the mantra's significance in your meditation practice.

Comprising 108 beads, this Japa mala embodies the sacred number in spiritual traditions, allowing for mantra repetition and deep contemplation. Each Bodhi seed is carefully hand-knotted, ensuring durability and facilitating smooth movement of the beads during your meditation practice.

As you hold each bead of the Natural One Eye Nepali Bodhi Seed Japa Mala, you connect with the ancient wisdom and spiritual energy of the Bodhi seeds. The presence of the Tibetan mantra spacer enhances the vibration and intention of your Japa practice, guiding you towards a deeper state of meditation and spiritual growth.

The Natural One Eye Nepali Bodhi Seed Japa Mala with Tibetan Mantra Spacer is not only a tool for meditation but also a beautiful accessory that reflects your spiritual journey and personal style. Wear it as a symbol of your dedication to mindfulness, enlightenment, and the path of self-discovery.

Experience the transformative energy of the Natural One Eye Nepali Bodhi Seed Japa Mala with Tibetan Mantra Spacer as it enhances your Japa meditation practice, deepens your connection to the divine, and brings about a sense of inner peace and spiritual alignment. Embrace the beauty and spiritual significance of this mala, and allow it to guide you on your path of self-realization.

Additional Information


120 g


10 × 5 × 10 cm


Tibetan Mantra

Knot Type


  • Materials: Bodhi seed & White metal (Tibetan mantra bead)
  • Size of beads: 12 mm (Bodhi seed)
  • Length of mala: 23 inches long
  • There are 108 beads, excluding spacer beads
  • Tibetan mantra” Om mane Padme hum” is used as a spacer beads
  • The string is red in color with a fixed  knot
  • Handmade in Nepal