Lapis Lazuli Stone Japa Mala With Third Eye Chakra

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Many chakra centers are said to be able to open when lapis lazuli stone is used. According to legend, the stone enhances psychic skills. It supposedly gets rid of bad feelings. It is supposedly a treatment for sadness, some forms of fever, and it also eases sore throat discomfort. It boosts inner strength and love. It is a beneficial stone for cherished friendship as well. Buddhists commonly utilize prayer malas or beads for meditation, counting mantras, and prostration, particularly in Tibet, Nepal, and India.

Additional Information


105 g


10 × 5 × 10 cm


Chakra Pendant

Knot Type


  •  Material: Lapis lazuli stone and Five metal (Charm)
  • Size of beads: 8 mm
  • Size of Pendant (L x B, inches): 2.2 X 3
  • Mala is around 19 inches long from top to bottom
  • No. of beads: 108
  • Thread is brown in color with a fixed knot
  • Handmade in Nepal.