Lapis Lazuli & Crystal Stone Japa Mala

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Introducing the exquisite Lapis Lazuli & Crystal Stone Japa Mala, a harmonious blend of the captivating Lapis Lazuli and the sparkling Crystal stones. This meticulously handcrafted mala is designed to enhance your meditation practice, promote spiritual awakening, and elevate your connection to higher realms.

The deep blue hues of Lapis Lazuli, adorned with golden specks, exude a sense of elegance and wisdom. Lapis Lazuli has been treasured throughout history for its spiritual significance and ability to stimulate inner vision, intuition, and spiritual growth. Its energy resonates with the Third Eye chakra, fostering clarity, insight, and deepening of your meditative experience.

Complementing the Lapis Lazuli, the Crystal stones add a touch of radiance and amplification to the mala. Known for their cleansing and purifying properties, Crystal stones serve as conduits of positive energy, harmonizing the mind, body, and spirit. The clear and reflective nature of Crystal stones enhances clarity and intention during meditation.

With 108 beads, this japa mala embodies the sacred number in spiritual practices, allowing for mantra repetition and facilitating a deep state of meditation. Each bead is carefully hand-knotted, ensuring durability and ease of use.

The Lapis Lazuli & Crystal Stone Japa Mala is not only a tool for meditation but also a stunning piece of jewelry that reflects your spiritual journey and personal style. Wear it as a reminder of your commitment to self-discovery and spiritual awakening.

Experience the profound synergy of Lapis Lazuli and Crystal stones as they work in harmony to open pathways to higher consciousness and inner transformation. Embrace the beauty and spiritual energy of the Lapis Lazuli & Crystal Stone Japa Mala, and let it guide you on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual evolution.

Additional Information 

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 10 cm
Gemstone Quality

High Quality, Medium Quality


Stone Bead, Tree Of LIfe

Knot Type


  • Materials: Lapis lazuli, Crystal, White metal rings, and charm
  • Bead Size: 8 mm
  • Mala Length: 20 inches
  • Charm Diameter: 1.4 inches
  • Bead Number: 108
  • White Thread
  • Handmade in Nepal.