Jade stone Japa mala

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Introducing the Jade Stone Japa Mala, a magnificent meditation accessory that combines the beauty of nature with the profound benefits of gemstone energy. This Japa Mala is meticulously handcrafted to offer you a unique and transformative meditation experience, while also serving as a stunning piece of jewelry.

Crafted from authentic jade stone, revered for centuries for its healing properties and spiritual significance, this Japa Mala exudes elegance and sophistication. Each bead is carefully chosen and polished to showcase the mesmerizing shades of green that jade is known for, creating a soothing and harmonious aesthetic.

Jade has long been associated with promoting balance, harmony, and inner peace. As you hold and count each bead during your meditation practice, the calming energy of jade infuses your being, helping to calm the mind, release stress, and cultivate a deep sense of tranquility.

Carnelian Stone is also referred to as a stone of courage, leadership, and perseverance. It inspires originality. It also inspires. promotes vigor, bravery, and ethical decision-making. Additionally, it improves focus, supports recovery from abuse, alleviates despair, and neutralizes emotional negativity. In addition, this stone is thought to improve passion and compassion while stimulating libido and boosting conception.

The stone of endless youth is another name for the jade stone. Additionally, this stone promotes discernment, restraint, and perspective. It also helps with dream interpretation and emotional balancing. In addition, this stone fosters compassion and empathy while aiding in the understanding of new knowledge. It calms the mind, lets go of negativity, grounds the personality, and sparks creativity. 

Designed with both functionality and style in mind, this Japa Mala features 108 beads, a sacred number in many spiritual traditions, as well as a guru bead of Carnelian stone and a knot. The beads are expertly hand-knotted to ensure durability and flexibility, allowing for smooth and comfortable meditation sessions.

Beyond its meditative purpose, this Japa Mala can be worn as a stunning accessory, allowing you to carry the positive energy of jade with you throughout the day. Whether you are seeking a powerful tool for meditation or a beautiful piece of jewelry that resonates with your inner self, the Jade Stone Japa Mala is a perfect choice.

Embrace the transformative power of jade and enhance your meditation practice with this exquisite Japa Mala. Experience the profound serenity and healing energy that jade has to offer. Elevate your spiritual journey and embrace the beauty of nature with the Jade Stone Japa Mala, a true gem for the soul.


Additional Information


89 g


10 × 5 × 10 cm


Stone Beads

Knot Type


  • Materials: Stones (Jade & Carnelian)
  • Size of beads: 8 mm (jade) & 10 mm (guru bead)
  • Number of beads: 108 (jade) & 3 (carnelian)
  • Mala’s length: 25 inches
  • The string is blue in color with a sliding knot
  • Handmade in Nepal.