Green Tara Natural Handmade Incense Decorated with Bodhi Leaf - 19 Stick

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Experience the essence of divine compassion with the Green Tara Incense Stick. In the rich tapestry of Tibetan Buddhism, Green Tara symbolizes swift protection, healing, and the warmth of motherly compassion. Each stick within this curated collection captures this essence, diffusing a sacred and comforting aroma, inviting protection, benevolence, and spiritual depth into your space.

Key Features:

Divine Aroma: Inspired by the benevolent energy of Green Tara, this incense envelops you in an aura of protection, grace, and spiritual serenity.

Premium Crafting: Reflecting Green Tara's pure intentions and boundless compassion, every stick radiates an authentic and soul-soothing fragrance, untouched by artificial substances.


  • Burning Duration: Each stick burns for approximately 45 minutes.
  • Dimensions: Every incense stick measures 21 cm in length.
  • Quantity: The packet comprises 19 meticulously crafted incense sticks.
  • Daily Ambiance: These sticks are perfect for creating a daily aromatic ambiance, resonating with the compassionate energies of Green Tara.

Specific Uses:

Sacred Ceremonies: Enhance your spiritual rituals, meditation sessions, and ceremonies, infusing them with the sacred energies of compassion and protection.

Spiritual Retreat: Whether for introspection, healing, or seeking solace, its fragrance offers a reminder of Green Tara's ever-present compassion and guidance.

Eco-conscious Packaging: Maintaining a harmonious balance with nature and championing sustainable practices, our packaging embodies environmental respect and mindfulness.

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Let the Green Tara Incense Stick transport you to a realm of compassion, protection, and divine guidance. Each waft is an invitation to embrace the nurturing energies of the divine feminine, grounding you in benevolence and spiritual grace.