Garnet Stone Prayer Mala

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The Garnet Stone is regarded as the key to a prosperous enterprise. It is a holy stone linked to spiritual mastery. This stone is strong and is claimed to be able to treat depression. It balances the sex urge and fosters love and devotion. This stone is powerful and intense, and it boosts self-assurance while sharpening senses.


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70 g


10 × 5 × 10 cm


Stone Beads

Knot Type


This attractive Japa Mala is made with Garnet stone beads

The Mala measures around 15.5 inches long

The 108 Garnet stone beads measure 8 mm each that makes it the user easy for counting mantras

The beautiful Pearl beads are used on the mala because they express great power and strength.

The sliding knot of the mala helps easy for counting and adjusting on the mala

The pearl spacer beads help to find your true self that is an attractive part of this mala.

Simple stung in a brown nylon string with sliding and leaves knot.

Handmade in Nepal.