Natural Handmade Chakra Crown FrankIncense Incense- 15 Sticks

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Journey into the realms of spiritual awakening with the Chakra Crown FrankIncense Incense Stick. The crown chakra, or Sahasrara, represents spiritual connection and enlightenment. Frankincense, with its deep and resinous aroma, has been revered for millennia for enhancing spiritual practices and meditation. This curated set offers you 15 expertly fashioned sticks, each diffusing the transcendent scent of Frankincense for approximately 45 minutes, fostering an ambiance of spiritual elevation, connection, and cosmic consciousness.

Key Features:

Spiritual Elevation: Harnessing the essence of Frankincense, this incense invites deeper states of meditation and spiritual communion, aligning with the energies of the crown chakra.

Focused Meditation: Designed for consistency, each stick provides a 45-minute aromatic journey, allowing for undisturbed, prolonged meditation sessions.

Pure Crafting: In resonance with the sanctity of the crown chakra and the revered nature of Frankincense, each stick exudes pure fragrance, devoid of any artificial elements.

Specific Uses:

Chakra Alignment: Ideal for practices focusing on opening or aligning the crown chakra, promoting clarity of thought and spiritual insight.

Sacred Rituals: Its divine aroma augments spiritual ceremonies, creating an environment conducive to prayer, reflection, and heightened awareness.

Ambient Serenity: Light up to create a serene space for relaxation, introspection, or reading, as its fragrance induces feelings of peace and spiritual elevation.

Eco-conscious Packaging: In tune with spiritual mindfulness and respect for Mother Earth, our packaging emphasizes sustainability and a harmonious relationship with the environment.

We offer a diverse selection of incense tailored to your preferences:
1. Chakra Incense - Sacral Navel (Enhances Creativity)
2. Chakra Incense - Root (Promotes Innocence)
3. Chakra Incense - Crown (Fosters Integration)
4. Chakra Incense - Third Eye (Encourages Forgiveness)
5. Chakra Incense - Solar Plexus (Brings Peace)
6. Chakra Incense - Heart (Inspires Love and Compassion)
7. Chakra Incense - Throat (Boosts Collectivity)

Specifications for a Single Packet:
- Incense sticks per packet: 15
- Stick length: 8 inches
- Weight: 20 grams

Please Note: The displayed product image is illustrative. Potential variations in the actual product might emerge due to design nuances or batch specificities. Always refer to the product description and specifics for the most accurate details.

Elevate your spiritual practices with the Chakra Crown FrankIncense Incense Stick. Allow its profound aroma to open pathways to higher consciousness, connecting you to the vast cosmos and the divine within.