Natural Handmade Chakra Crown Frankincense String Rope Incense -Pack of 35 Rope

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Elevate your spiritual practice with our Chakra Crown Frankincense Rope Incense. Tailored to resonate with the Crown Chakra, or Sahasrara, this incense is a blend of traditional craftsmanship and aromatic purity. The enlightening essence of Frankincense, renowned for its use in sacred ceremonies, aims to align, balance, and open your crown chakra, encouraging spiritual growth and a deeper connection to the universe.

Key Features:

  • Crown Chakra Alignment: Specifically formulated to resonate with your Crown Chakra, aiding in spiritual enlightenment and universal connection.

  • Authentic Aroma: Bask in the ethereal, resinous scent of Frankincense, revered for centuries for its meditative and purifying properties.

  • Traditional Craftsmanship: Handmade using age-old techniques, our rope incense ensures a unique and authentic experience.

  • Clean Burn: Crafted for a smooth burn, the incense releases a fragrant smoke that's free of harmful chemicals, providing an unperturbed meditative experience.

  • Ideal for Spiritual Practices: An indispensable companion for meditation, prayer, yoga, or any spiritual endeavor that seeks higher consciousness.

Specifics and Usage: This offering includes handcrafted rope incense strands, and a holder called Diyo. Perfect for your dedicated spiritual sessions or to simply uplift the energy of your space, the Chakra Crown Frankincense Rope Incense is your go-to choice. To use, light the end of a rope until it flames up. Gently blow out the flame and place the smoldering end on a fireproof dish, allowing the aromatic smoke to rise and influence your surroundings.

Eco-conscious Packaging: Our reverence for nature reflects in our packaging, emphasizing eco-friendliness and sustainability.

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Immerse yourself in spiritual ascension and cosmic connection with the Chakra Crown Frankincense Rope Incense. Secure yours today and embark on a journey of inner exploration and enlightenment.