Natural Handmade Amitayu Buddha Incense Decorated with Bodhi Leaf- 19 Stick

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Immerse yourself in the timeless aura of longevity and boundless life with the Amitayu Buddha Incense Stick. In the vast expanse of Buddhist teachings, Amitayu, often referred to as the "Buddha of Limitless Life," embodies infinite life, wisdom, and compassion. This incense captures the profound essence of Amitayu, diffusing an aroma that inspires prolonged spiritual reflection, wisdom, and an embracing of the infinite.

Key Features:

Endless Wisdom Aroma: Infused with the boundless energy of Amitayu Buddha, this incense brings forth an ambiance of wisdom, spiritual continuity, and ageless compassion.

Authentic Crafting: In reverence to Amitayu's teachings and boundless existence, each stick pulsates with genuine fragrance, devoid of artificial intrusions.


  • Burning Duration: Every stick burns for an approximate duration of 45 minutes.
  • Dimensions: Each incense stick has a length of 21 cm.
  • Quantity: Within the packet, you'll discover 19 finely crafted incense sticks.
  • Daily Ambiance: Suitable for creating a regular aromatic ambiance, echoing the timeless energies of Amitayu Buddha.

Specific Uses:

Spiritual Immersion: Amplify your meditation sessions, spiritual readings, and introspective moments, aligning with the energies of wisdom and infinite life.

Serenity Space: Light it during moments seeking tranquility, introspection, or when pondering life's boundless mysteries, allowing its aroma to serve as a gentle guide.

Eco-conscious Packaging: Consistently advocating for harmony with nature and sustainable living, our packaging showcases our dedication to the environment and its protection.

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Dive into the infinite realm of wisdom, life, and compassion with the Amitayu Buddha Incense Stick. Let its rich fragrance guide your spirit, evoking contemplation, boundless understanding, and a deeper connection to life's eternal essence.